Vrindavan, Mathura, India

Places to Visit in Baldev ( Dauji )

The town of Baldev is located at a distance of 10 miles from Muttra and some 5 miles from Mahaban. The place is familiarly called Dauji and is generally known by that name among villagers. The original village was called Rirha.The town derives all its celebrity from the famous temple of Balaram or Baladev, Krishna's elder brother. Main places of attraction here are....

Baldev Temple

Temple is about 150 years old, It is very popularity among Hindus, The temple itself, built by Seth Shiam Das of Delhi, stands at the back of one inner court, and on each of its three disengaged sides has an arcade of three bays with broad flanking piers. On each of these three sides a door gives access to the calla, which is surmounted by a squat pyramidal tower. In addition to the principal figure, Baladeva, who is generally very richly dressed and bedizened with jewels, it contains another life-sized statue, supposed to represent his spouse, Revati. In an adjoining court is shown the small vaulted chamber which served the god as a residence for the first century after his epiphany. The precincts of the temple include as many as eleven cloistered quadrangles, where accommodation is provided for pilgrims and the resident priests.

Kshir Sagar

Adjoining the temple is a brick built tank, over 80 yards square, called variously Kshir Sagar, the "Sea of Milk," Kshir Kund, or Balbhadra Kund. Here it is said that Gosain Gokul Nath was warned in a vision that a god lay concealed. Immediate search was made, and the statue of Baladeva, that has ever since been regarded as the tutelary divinity of the place, was revealed to the adoring gaze of the assembled multitude. Attempts were made to remove it to Gokul; but as every cart broke down, either from the weight of the stone or the reluctance of the god to change his abode, a shrine was erected for his reception on the spot. Two annual fairs are held at Baldeo, one on the sixth day of the light half of Bhadon, commonly called Deo Chath, the other on the full moon of Aghan.

Raval- The Birth Place Of Srimati Radharani

“O Srinivasa see Ravala, the village where Vrishabhanu used to live happily. Sri Radhika appeared here, and by Her auspicious appearance the whole world was filled with joy.” Raval is the most auspicious birthplace of Srimati Radharani who is the embodiment of mahabhava, the essence of Sri Krishna’s pleasure potency. Raval is 9km (6 miles) south of Mathura, on the other side of the Yamuna River. It is about halfway between Mathura and Gokula. It is not so frequently visited place, which inspires unique mood of separation in the hearts of Her devotees. Only by great fortune will someone desire to visit this holy place, and reverentially touch and remember it.

Kokilavan Dham

A temple dedicated to the Lord of Justice Shani Dev... is situated at Kosikalan Village Near Mathura Uttar Pradesh... It is spread in a huge area of 20 Acres... there are many small temples within the complex but mainly this temple is dedicated to Lord Shani Dev... people from all over India come to take the blessings of Shani Dev... About this temple, it is famous the Lord Krishna gave his divine visitation to Shani Dev... That's why there is a Krishna Temple adjoining the main Shani Dev Temple... Apart from Krishna Temple, there is a temple of Hanuma Ji, Shiv Ji & Navgreh Temple is also there... It's a beautiful place to visit... Very peaceful... It is at a distance of 105 KM only from New Delhi... and it takes around 2 to 2 & half hours’ drive...