Vrindavan, Mathura, India

Vrindavan Parikrama on Every Ekadashi

People who have heard about Vrindavan Parikrama several times might wish to know exactly what it is. Here we give you some knowledge about this Parikrama. Walking around the famous town of Mathura, where lord Krishna spent his childhood days, is called Vrindavan Parikrama. A special path is present which is made around the town of Vrindavan. Just a street away from the popular Iskcon temple, lies the path which goes around Vrindavan. Generally, it takes only two to three hours to complete the revolution around Vrindavan. Madan Mohan temple, Kaliya Ghat, Imli tala, Keshi ghat, Mohana ter and Singara Vat are some places which come in the way while a person is performing Vrindavan Parikrama.

A large number of people from different parts of India come every year to Vrindavan just for performing this Parikrama. A huge crowd performs this Parikrama on Ekadashi day. Ekadashi is one of the many Hindu festivals. Krishna Balram temple is the first place where devotees reach after starting this Parikrama from the main road which is opposite to the Iskcon temple. People who believe in lord Krishna would love to go for this Parikrama. When you go to Vrindavan then do not miss the chance to do Vrindavan Parikrama and get closer to Lord Krishna.